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Warm a teaspoon by dunking it in a cup of hot water. Dry it off and then fill with Surfskinoil. Lie on your side and ask a mate to pour the oil into your affected ear. Lie there for 15 - 20 minutes and allow the oil to do its magic. Hold a tissue over the ear as you stand to catch the oil and stop it spilling down the side of your head! Repeat morning and evening until the infection clears up.

The essential oils in surfskinoil are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,highly anti-inflammatory  and a proven to accelerate wound healing.  the oils do this by delivering bio available vitamins minerals and nutrients to the skins surface as well as oxygen via live essences.

They work in a multi-faceted way in the body also , by inhalation. By inhaling the oils, the oils travel to the brain, causing the release of hormones which govern health and vitality.

You can apply Surfskinoil to any open skin before you surf, this will keep you protected in the water. Always apply to problem areas just after a surf and between surfs too.

4-6 weeks with moderate usage


Lavender oil is scientifically proven to be effective against bacteria. Applied topically, at the right concentrations and quality, it can take the place of antibiotic cream without negative side effects.

Yes, we are proud to say that 100% of the ingredients in Surfskinoil pose 0% threat to the ocean habitat.

Natural plant oils are easily dealt with by the high salt content in the ocean. The ingredients are therefore safely deposited in the ocean habitat or corals whilst surfing.



If you apply surfskinoil before a surf it will last approx 4hours.


Yes, one of the major wow points for surfers at Surfskinoil's launch was its uncanny ability to heal up sea ulcers in 2 or 3 days,  Even if an ulcer had been going for several weeks and even if the surfer continued surfing.  

This was a major benefit to surfers and the benefits began to grow,   ear infections,sore muscles, protection against infection from reef cuts all fell in the face of medical grade plant essences.