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1. Ear infections, Ear discomfort 

See a short video of how to use the warm spoon method for using Surfskinoil to quickly combat:  see video here.

- inflammation and pain, 
- fullness and wax build up, 
- ear infections both mild and severe,
- inner ear damage 

Lie on your opposite side to the affected ear.

Using the warm spoon method pour the warmed oil into the affected ear.

Leave for 20 minutes.

Do this morning and evening until the infection clears up and for a couple days after.

2. Surfers ear


If you are suffering from ear pain or discomfort at the moment, you can use Surfskinoil every morning and evening until you feel better.  (Best to use the warm spoon method as by warming the oil, you can help melt wax build-up so that the oil can get deeper into the ear canal). 

If your ears feel fine now but you have suffered before with ear discomfort, you can still use Surfskinoil once a week for ear maintenance.  It will keep things clean and free of bacteria.  It will also provide the natural ingredients to stimulate repair if there is any damage. 

You can also apply Surfskinoil before or after a surf to provide protection (just spray into the ear canal if you don't have time to use the warm spoon method). 

Perforated ear drum, don’t use the warm spoon method for the first 10 days of daily application by just spraying directly into the ear canal while lying on your side for 15-10 mins

You can see a short video showing how to use the warm spoon method here.

3. Reef cuts and wounds

Gently wash out the wound with clean water, then apply the oil directly onto the wound and re-apply 3 - 4 times per day.

4. Bites or stings

Apply to any itch or sting to reduce the pain almost immediately.

5. Sunburn

Apply the oil directly to the areas of sunburn and massage in very gently.

Apply twice per day.

You can keep the oil in the fridge so it is extra soothing.

6. Sun protection

The oils within Surfskinoil do protect the skin from UV damage in the same way the plant oils protect the leaves of the plant from the sun.

As such, Surfskinoil is an effective and natural UV shield. Apply it before sun exposure and it will protect your skin for around 2 hours.

7. Sprains

Apply the oil directly to the sprained area, massage around the area.

If you have a sprained ankle, massage the oil up your calf also, feeling for stressed or tangled muscles or tendons and straightening them out.

If you have a sprained shoulder, then the arm, etc. Apply and massage once per day.

8. Infected skin

Apply the oil directly to the infected area, for shallow cuts or low-level infections, the oil will work very well, if you have a severe infection the oil may not be strong enough.

9. Chest infections

Massage the oil into the chest and back before bed. Inhale the oil 4 times a day.

10. Hyperpigmentation & scars

Massage the oil firmly into the affected area 4 times a day. You are trying to break up those damaged skin particles so the body can remove them with the help of the oil.

It will help to massage the neck and lymph nodes in the neck at the same time. Go gently on the lymph nodes, they are very delicate and just beneath the skin so you just need to stimulate them a bit.

You will start to notice a difference in about 4 weeks.

11. Relaxation, meditation, & sleep

Just the smell of our fabulous oil gives a neuronal effect. This is the power of AROMA-therapy.

Inhaling this oil has an instantly calming effect on the mind, nerves, and emotions.


The advice and guidance given here is in no way intended to supercede medical advice given by your doctor,  it is your choice which route to take.