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  • Surfskinoil contains 100% natural ingredients including medical grade plant essences, providing a range of benefits.

    Surfskinoil is clinically proven to fight infection and inflammation, to accelerate wound healing, and repair damage to the inner ear, skin and muscles.

    ✔️ Heals and protects against ear infections
    ✔️ Soothes the symptoms of surfers ear
    ✔️ Repairs the inner ear
    ✔️ Heals reef cuts and wounds up to 8 times faster
    ✔️ Takes the itch and pain out of bites and stings
    ✔️ Stimulates collagen and elastin repair
    ✔️ Soothes and heals sunburn
    ✔️ Protects against hyperpigmentation
    ✔️ Effective against ocean bacteria

    To watch surfers talking about how Surfskinoil has helped them surf more pain free, click here.

    Ethically sourced and vegan friendly with no animal testing



    • “Thank you so much for this amazing natural product! I had problems with ear infections for over 6 weeks in Sri Lanka. I visited a lot of doctors but nobody could help me. After I started to use this oil my ear infection healed. I have no problem with my ears now (I use the oil after every surf session).”
      - Julie Mammitzsch

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    • “I have had surgery for exostosis of both ears. The right ear was about three years ago and the operation was a success. I haven’t had much in the way of ear infections in that ear, just the occasional sharp pain. Nine months later I had an operation on the left ear, which was not so successful and the left ear has never felt quite right.

      I have fairly frequent ear infections, but antibiotic sprays and drops do not work very well. In between infection episodes I have pretty constant low level grumbling ear discomfort, so I was very interested to see if the Surfskinoil would help. I have been using It as directed for a couple of days. Certainly the oil is soothing and relaxing, there have been no side effects and I feel that the ear canal has calmed down.

      Only a small amount is needed to flood the ear canal, at the current stage I am looking at prevention and using a smaller dose than the 5ml directed daily. If I get a flare up I will use more intensively as directed.”
      - MD and UK government advisor on health

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    • “One of the best products I have ever used. Great to cure ear infections and lips herpes, heals cuts and it’s an awesome daily skin care product for my face.”
      - Giulia Manfrini, co-founder Awave travel

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    • “Using surfskinoil for my ears tonight, put it inside with an ear stick, impressed with how it slowed down the dolor (pain)”
      - Yan Hardy, surf camp manager


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    • “Never found a product that heals reef cuts this well. I even used it to treat some sketchy sea ulcers I’d had for three weeks and they were gone in two days and I was still surfing every day”
      - Garrath

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    • “I just returned from a diving trip with coral cuts. I was given a bottle of surfskinoil by a friend as all cuts were infected. 4 days of use three times a day and all the cuts have cleared. I am also using it for bites and it's effective in minutes, now I know of the product I will not travel without it. I am pleased to learn that I can buy it online.”
      - Michele Humbert

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    • “I have been using Surfskinoil for 9 months now. I use it for sun spots on my face and insect bites, particularly one bite that I get an allergic reaction to and nothing else but Surfskinoil stopped these bites from becoming a 10 day itching nightmare. In the past weeks I have treated friends with reef cuts, old and infected and new cuts, both peoples skin reacted over night with the most outstanding results! The one who couldn't control the infection and no sign of healing weeks after the injury occurred - had healed from infection overnight, seriously by the morning the red circle and heat in the wounds had gone, the other friend had a deep reef cut under the toe literally closed up on day 1 of using Surfskinoil. I’m so sold on this product by the results. What Surfskinoil claims in results is true. Surfer or not have this in your bathroom or travel bag.
      Shelley Bali.”

      - Michele Yeowart

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    • “Never found a product that heals a reef cut this well”
      - Head shaper at Sea Level Shapes

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    • “It’s great for healing reef cuts! Such an amazing combination of essential oils, only with a tiny bit of it can do a lot”
      - Franco, founder at You are the Sea


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    • “Wow! I am impressed with Surfskinoil. I used it on an inflamed rash and immediately the itching and soreness went away and the next day it was gone. Also used it on my 3 year old daughter for the same thing and immediately her sensitive skin soaks it up and inflammation is reduced. I give it a good smell during application too and it’s just lovely. I highly recommend this product for any skin ailments.”
      - Samantha Cherie

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    • “I use surfskinoil for literally EVERYTHING and love it!! I apply it after surfing to my face for recovery. Use it for every rash, burn and cut to fasten healing! Can highly recommend it to anyone who prefers natural products”
      - Dave Agua

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    • “Surfskinoil is our go to skin saviour for our whole family, whether it's sunburn, mozzy bites, sore muscles, healing cuts or just giving the skin some extra love after being knocked around by the sun. I use it on the twins for heat rash and I use it on myself for anything and everything.”
      - Verity Mace

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    • “I had a very itchy toe and was surprised at how quickly Surfskinoil took away the itching and burning. I can see how it would work well on insect bites too, really impressed.”
      - Angela Page


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    • “My skin is loving surfskinoil! Living in the humid climate of Sri Lanka means things take a lot longer to heal and I also get breakouts. Surfskinoil has helped clear my skin so quickly I love it”
      - Lizzy Chitty

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    • “The best oil ever!!!! I suffer from Rosacea in my face and I always have to use a special moisturiser, but since July last year me and my family start travelling and I ran out of my normal face oils! By luck I bought The surf skin oil for my daughter’s ears and I use it once on my face! I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt!!!! Is been 8 months and I couldn’t be happier, my skin loves it and I haven’t had any problems with my rosacea at all!!!! (I have been in islands, diving, skiing in Japan) it works great in different weathers and my skin looks amazing! Love this product and will keep using it for the rest of my life! I just need bigger bottles!!!! My daughter also loves it! We use it mainly for the face but also for mosquito bites, coral rashes, jellyfish stings…. Great product!”
      - Paulina Fernandez

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    • “I have to congratulate you on the product. I use it on my face when I’m sunburnt or dehydrated and there is nothing like it!!! It's the best oil I’ve ever had.”
      - Owner at Nomad surf store and cafe, Sri Lanka


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    • “It helps my wounds recover quickly so I can go into the water as soon as possible, I also got stung by a jelly fish and it was so itchy. After I tried surfskinoil the itch disappeared and recovered fast”
      - Bonne Gea, 5x Indo women Surfing champion 2x Asian women surf champion

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    • “Love love love Surfskinoil! It really works… I use it for everything… Would highly recommend it!”
      - Alice Sheppard

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    • “Really impressed with this stuff!! Borrowed some off my girlfriend for a new tattoo, it healed it up so much faster. I also used it on a cut on my thumb from an accident at work, again it healed much faster than usual, I was really surprised. Smells good too!!”
      - Mike Reynolds

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    • “A wonderful product for easing muscle aches & minor injuries. Fantastic results and it smells amazing too.”
      - Michelle Bernhardi Toner

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    • “Had a small surgery (two stitches) and was prescribed a course of antibiotics by the doctor. I opted for @surfskinoil instead and have had perfect results. Love your work!!”
      - Garrath, owner at Surfstay Sri Lanka

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    • “I had an inflamed shoulder from paddling and had tried everything. I put surfskinoil on and the pain was gone in a couple of hours! Amazing! Saved my whole surf vacation. Thank you, thank you!!”
      - Mary Kay


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    • “I love this magical liquid!! It has so many benefits. I cannot get enough of it.”
      - Kim Dadge

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    • “Surfskinoil belongs in every surfers quiver. Surfskinoil is a new 100% natural surf and travel medic. Effective against ocean bacteria, this miracle blend of extraordinary oils is the perfect travel companion for use in reef cuts, sea ulcers, bites, stings, wind burn, sunburn and ear infections. And being made in Bali with wellness in mind, it also serves to calm, soothe and heal the overactive mind that can come from all the stimuli, both positive and negative, of global adventure travel. 100% clinically proven, this product made of medical grade plant essences allows you to heal faster, stay in the water longer and operate at your maximum energy levels. Think of it as a first aid kit in a bottle, have happier skin and support the local communities which produce this new wonder. There is magic on the island and surfskinoil is part of it. So stay healthy, stay natural and keep surfing at your best with Surfskinoil. A surfer's new best friend.”
      - Surftime magazine

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