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Girls Surf

December 14, 2020 1 min read

They say women are water and the moon

As surfers we want to travel light, in a heroic effort to minimise our impact on our beloved ocean, and secretly loving the freedom from mindless shopping, the less we have cart from wave to wave, the better. Natural oils feels so good, they hydrate our skin, making it dewy and glowy with health. It is best to apply oil when skin is waterlogged, as then the oil holds the water in whilst feeding the skin with EFA'S and nutrients.When medical grade plant essences are suspended in natural oil the all-round results on your skin can be jaw-dropping.

Cuts heal up faster (even reef cuts or fin slashes), gently anti-bacterial, acne, spots and reddening clear like clouds from the sky overnight. Skin is left translucent with health, glowing beauty revealed.

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