"I got stung by jellyfish and it was so itchy. After I tried the Surfskinoil, the itch disappeared and recovery pretty fast. It has so many functions and best of all it helps my wounds recover fast so I can go into the water as soon as possible."

Bonne Gea - Pro Surfer 

5x Indonesia Women’s Champion 

2x Asia Women’s Champion

Ear infection

Warm a teaspoon by placing it in boiled water for 3 seconds.  Pour the surfskinoil onto the warm teaspoon.  Have someone pour the warmed oil into the affected ear whilst you are lying on your side.  Leave the oil in for 20 minutes.  Apply in the morning and evening until the infection clears up. 



For the first time, 100% natural plant essences, clinically proven to be capable of all round healing and relief.   

The multi-faceted power of nature means that one bottle gives the solution to a range of problems across the body and mind. 

Just by inhaling these potent essences healing begins as the brain releases rejenerating hormones 



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