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February 22, 2024 3 min read

Ear infections and Surf trips 


Getting an ear infection on a surf trip, or suffering from them in general is a major downer. 

Similarly, the constant feeling of

- fullness in the ear,

-  inner ear grumbling

can found low-level worry -  about the future of ear health. 

This article outlines how you can maintain ear health way into the future, whilst still surfing, diving, kayaking ...  everyday. 

It may interest you to know that this isn't a problem shared only by modern day men and women. 


Historical Echoes:

Surfer’s ear dates back to prehistoric man. It has been utilized to identify cultures with regular aquatic exposure.

Surfer's Ear, clinically recognized as External Auditory Exostoses (where bone grows to narrow the ear canal), transcends the modern surf scene, echoing its presence through anthropological findings. Historically, cultures engaging in regular aquatic exposure bore the markers of this condition, a testament to the enduring relationship between humanity and the sea.

Secondary Complaints: The progression of Surfer's Ear

Presentations of Surfer's Ear: Recognizing the Stealthy Trajectory:

The hallmark of Surfer's Ear lies in its slowly progressing nature, typically presenting itself through secondary complaints such as ear pain, hearing loss, or a sensation of fullness. This progression mirrors the slow trajectory of its development, which gives us so much time to act! 

Modern Challenges Amplifying Surfer's Ear

Exaggeration in the Modern Wave:

In the contemporary context, the challenges faced by surfers have evolved. Rising levels of bacteria in seawater add a layer of complexity, accelerating the manifestation of recurrent infections. This heightened susceptibility demands a nuanced and informed approach to care.

Proactive Shield: The Benefits of Surfskinoil

Enter Surfskinoil: 

Amidst the challenges of Surfer's Ear, Surfskinoil emerges as a beacon of relief. Drawing from rigorous clinical trials, our product stands as a pro-active shield against infections, offering a weekly maintenance routine for surfers. This not only prevents the slow encroachment of future damage caused by infections-  but also provides relief for current  pain or infection.

Rigorously Tested: Surfskinoil's Clinical Trials and Testimonials

Clinical Trials and Testimonials:

Rigorous clinical trials

Our 32 clinical trials, conducted as colleges across London, underscore Surfskinoil's efficacy in managing the secondary conditions precipitated by Surfer's Ear. Testimonials from surfers worldwide echo the sentiment - Surfskinoil is a transformative solution in the realm of ear care, providing both over night and ongoing relief.

Our formula contains a selection for medical grade plant oils
Our ingredients contain a synergistic blend of medical grade essences, which have been published in medical data via our collected clinical trials.  The formula works quickly and gently, to heal and prevent ear pain and infections. 
 An example is our medical grade lavender which has been clinically proven to be effective against acute otitis or severe ear pain caused by either infection or inflammation or usually both. 
The anti-microbial effects of this oil is supportive of anti-microbial activity against most bacteria, yeasts, and filamentous fungi. 
Linalool is the active natural chemical in lavender which brings these benefits. 
In the trial the gram bacteria used was Ciprofloxacin which affects sever gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Entrerococcus, Bacillus app., and Mycobacterium. 
These bacteria are also widely found in sea water. 
The Surfskinoil formula also contains medical grade Roman Chamomile. Roman chamomile is clinically proven in published medical data and trials, as an antiseptic, antibiotic, bactericide, disinfectant and fungicide and vermifuge.  It has also been reported the rate of wound healing, which indeed it does. 
Chamomile has been shown to be statistically efficacious in producing wound drying and in speeding epitheliasation. 
These mechanisms of actions describe two of the six medical grade 100% natural ingredients in the Surfskinoil formula. The others also support inner ear health, however I have focused on these two to give an idea as requested.
The other ingredients also provide supporting mechanisms to inner ear health
such as anti inflammatory properties and bio available phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins which aid in many factors contributing to inner ear health

Conclusion: Surfskinoil can be used once a week for inner ear maintenance and can also be used morning and evening when suffering from active ear pain or discomfort. 


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