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December 06, 2023 2 min read

What is Surfers ear? 

Surfer's ear is the bodies attempt to defend the delicate inner ear canal, from ocean bacteria, wind or cold water, by reducing the circumference of the ear canal. 

It does this by growing extra bone in the ear canal thus reducing the width of the ear canal. This is known as exostosis. 

Is Surfers ear different to swimmers ear? 

Whilst Surfers ear is different to swimmers ear, the two often go hand in hand.  

Whilst 'Surfers ear' describes the narrowing of the width of the ear canal caused by exostosis, 'Swimmers ear' describes the inflammation of the delicate inner labyrinth of the ears as they become damaged by repeated infections. 

Is Surfers ear permanent? 

Surfers ear can be permanent if left untreated, or if treated with ineffective remedies.

For example treating Surfers ear with antibiotics may kill bacteria in the inner ear, but antibiotics do not help the inner ear to repair, so if you keep going in the water, the damaged cells become easier to become infected because they are raw from inflammation and less able to protect themselves. 

Another example is surgery, surgery may alleviate the symptoms somewhat as less water is trapped behind the bone growth when the bone growth is removed.   However the root cause, which is regularly bathing the inner ear in ocean water and bacteria is not solved. 


How quickly can Surfer's ear develop?

Surfer's ear develops over time, sometimes even 10 - 15 years of exposure is needed before you realise that the body has taken action (growing new bone takes a long time!) It is entirely possible to have developing surfers ear without being aware that it is happening. 

How do you treat Surfers ear naturally? 

To treat surfers ear naturally you can apply natural remedies which 

- bring down inflammation 

- fight infection, and 

- repair the inner ear canals. 

Natural remedies such as vinegar, alcohol and curcumin will help with the inflammation and may help fight infection and keep things clean, but none of these will solve the problem of repairing the inner ear. 

Surfskinoil's clinically proven ingredients are powerful cell regenerators and second to none in fighting inner ear bacteria and infection. 

How do you get rid of Surfers ear? 

You can get rid of Surfers ear via surgery but this will not solve the underlying problem.   To get rid of the symptoms caused by regular exposure to ocean water, cold water or wind, you must 

- keep the inner ear clean

- keep the inner ear free of infection 

- repair any damage to the inner ear. 

Surfskinoil is clinically proven to provide all three benefits in one easy to apply solution of natural plant essences. 

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